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Indian GK Objective question Paper

Indian GK Objective question Paper
General Knowledge of India

1. He was the founder of Indian National Congress.
2. He was hanged for killing General Saunders.
3. He was assassinated General Michel O Dyer.
4. Which Indian Political leader  started his political career in South Africa?
5. .... dance form has no musical accompaniment.
6. Who was the first Indian travel in space?
7. Name the hill station of Rajastan.
8. famous for its architecture in Karnataka.
9. Where is the tomb of  Muin-Ud-Chisti  located ?
10. the largest dome of the World, situated in Bijapur.
11. ...was known as Iron Man of India
12. Who was the first ruler of Mugal empire  ? the oldest Dravidian Language.
14. Which park has largest number of tigers in India?
15. Which state is called the Cyber State?
16. Who is the first Woman IPS Officer of India?
17. Which is the least populated state of India?
18 Who was Indian producer-director-screenwriter known as Father of Indian Cinema.
19. Who got  the Life Time Achievement Award from the Oscar Academy?
20. Where is Dilwara Temple built in India?

1. Dadabhai Naroji
2. Bhagat Singh
3. Udham Singh
4. Mahatma Ghandi
5. Sema
6.Rakesh Sharma
7. Mount Abu
8. Hampi
9. Ajmer
10. Gol Gumbaz
11. Vallabbhai Patel
12. Babur
13. Tamil
14. Corbett National Park
15. Andhara Pradesh
16. Kiran Badi
17. Sikkim
18. Dadasaheb Phalke
19. Satyajit Ray
20. Mount Abu (Rajastan)

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