Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Free Online GK Model Test Paper

Free Online GK Model Test Paper
GK Questions with Answers

1. Who was the founder of Buddhism ?
(a) Confucius
(b) Mahaveer
(c) Siddhartha

2.Which river is called 'Yarlung Zangbo' by the people of Tibet ?
(a) Yamuna
(b) Brahmaputra
(c) Indus

3. Who was Galileo ?
(a) Scientist
(b) Writer
(c) Sportsperson

4. Name the river that is called mother by the Russians.
(a) Amazon
(b) Volga
(c) Ob-Irtysh

5. Where is the Roman Colosseum ?
(a) Italy
(b) USA
(c) France

6. Which of these is not an ocean ?
(a) Pacific
(b) Caspian sea
(c) Indian

7. Which is the National Emblem symbolically represent Canada ?
(a) Chrysanthemum
(b) Rose
(c) White Lily

8. Which of these countries is an Island ?
(a) Singapore
(b) Austria
(c) Mexico

9. Which river flows through the capital city of England ?
(a) Mississippi
(b) Amazon
(c) Thames

10. Who is the famous billionaire author who writes children's stories ?
(a) Salman Rushdie
(b) J.K.Rowling
(c) Arundhati Roy

1. c
2. b
3. a
4. b
5. a
6. b
7. c
8. a
9. c
10. b

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

GK Clerical, Bank PO Practice Paper

GK Clerical, Bank PO Practice Paper
General Knowledge Test for Clerical, Bank Examination

1. When the world tallest tower Burj Khalifa opened in Dubai ?
2. Who was the first woman president of the U.N General Assembly ?
3. The first person to reach the South Pole.
4. Who is the founder of  Infosys Technologies and also recipient of Padma Bhushan and many International awards ?
5. The first man to fly over the English Channel.
6.Name  the first test tube baby  born in the world.
7. Name the first persons who went around the world in hot-air balloon without stopping.
8. Who was the first woman to  reach the summit of  Mount Everest ?
9. The first person to perform  successful Heart Transplant .
10. Who was the first woman to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean ?
11.The first person who flew non-stop around the world .
12. The first persons to fly an aeroplane.
13. Who founded Reliance Industries along with his cousin Champaklal Damani ?
14. Who was the first Indian woman to  climb the Mount Everest ?
15. Name the first persons to climb the Mount Everest .
1. 4th January 2010
2. Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit
3. Roald Amundsen
4. MR. Nadan Nilekani
5. Louis Bleriot
6. Louis Brown
7. Bertrand Piccard, Brian Jones
8. Junko Tabei
9.Christian Bernard
10. Amelia Earhart
11. Steve Fossett
12. Orville Wright, Wilbur Wright
13. Dirubhai Ambani
14. Bachendri Pal
15. Tenzing Norgay, Edmund Hillary

Monday, July 27, 2015

Free Online Solved GK on Space Quiz

 Free Online Solved GK on Space Quiz
General Awareness  Practice Test  Paper

1. Who was the first Indian to go to space ?
(a) Kalpana Chawala
(b) Raveesh Malhotra
(c) Rakesh Sharma

2. Which was first satellite that humans sent into space ?
(a) Aryabhata
(b) Luna-Q
(c) Sputnik-I

3.  Which was the first US space shuttle ?
(a) Columbia
(b) Voyager
(c) Challenger

4. Which was the first creature sent to space ?
(a) Cat-Mike
(b) Monkey-Tony
(c) Dog-Laika

5. Which was the first spacecraft to touchdown safely on the surface of Mars ?
(a) Mars
(b)  Mars 2
(c)  Mars 3

6. Who was the first person to go into space ?
(a) Neil  Armstrong
(b) Yuri Gagarin
(c) Valentina Tereshkova

7.Which was the first Indian satellite launched into space ?
(a)  Aryabhata
(c) Sputnik-I

8. Who was the first person to reach the North-Pole?
(a) Neil  Armstrong
(b) Yuri Gagarin
(c) Robert Peary

9. Who was the first Indian born lady to go into space ?
(a) Kalpana Chawala
(b) Sunita Williams
(c) Valentina Tereshkova

10. Who was the first person to land on the moon ?
(a) Neil  Armstrong
(b) Yuri Gagarin
(c) Alexi Leonor

1. c
2. b
3. a
4. c
5. c
6. b
7. a
8. c
9. a
10. a

Friday, July 24, 2015

Quiz for Class 4 MCQ Paper

Quiz for Class 4  MCQ Paper
GK Class 4 Soplved Practice Paper

1. What is the name of national flower of Bangladesh ?
(a) Lotus
(b) Rose
((c) Water Lily

2. What is the national flower of India ?
(a) Lotus
(b) Rose
((c) Water Lily

3. What is the other name of Duckweed ?
a) Water Lettuce
(b) Water Lentils
((c) Water Lily

4. It is a free floating plant that consist of spony dust green leaves.
a) Water Lettuce
(b) Water Lentils
((c) Water Lily

5.What is the unit of temperature ?
(a) Ampere
(b) Celsius
(c) Carat

6. What is the unit of measurement of  gold ?
(a) Grams
(b) Ampere
(c)  Carat

7.  The length of cloth  is measured in .....
(a) Metres
(b) Litres
(c)  Kilograms

8. A tool is used for pounding and removing nails.
(a) Spanner
(b) Screwdriver
(c) Hammer

9. A tool used for turning screws.
(a) Spanner
(b) Screwdriver
(c) Hammer

10. A tool used  for opening  sealed containers.
(a) Plier
(b)  Screwdriver
(c) Opener

1. c
2. a
3. b
4. a
5. b
6. c
7. a
8. b
9. a
10. c

Thursday, July 23, 2015

GK UNO Class 5 Solved Practice Test Paper

GK UNO Class 5  Solved  Practice Test Paper
MCQ Class 5 General Awareness  Test  based on UNO

1. What does UNO stand for ?
(a) United Nations Organs
(b) Unit Nations Organization
(c) United  Nations Organization

2.  When was the UNO formed ?
(a) 1 January, 1940
(b) 24 October, 1945
(c) 12 January, 1940

3.When was the League of  Nations established ?
(a) 1930
(b) 1920
(c) 1940

4. How many official languages are used by the United  Nations Organization ?
(a) 3
(b) 4
(c) 6

5. Where is the headquarter of the UNO ?
(a) New York City
(b) Hague
(c) Washington DC

6. Which UN organ is called the 'Parliament of man' ?
(a) Security Council
(b) Secretariat
(c) General Assembly

7. Which United Nations agency works for the welfare of children ?
(c) WHO

8. Where is the headquarter of the International Court of Justice ?
(a) Ottawa, Canada
(b) New York, USA
(c) Hague, Netherlands

9. What does WHO stand for
(a) World Health Organization
(b) World Heritage Organization
(c) World Health Organ

10. Which  UN agency is responsible for improving the conditions of workers ?
(a) WHO
(b) ILO
(c) IMF


1. c
2. b
3. b
4. c
5. a
6. c
7. b
8. c
9. a
10. b

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

GK CBSE Class 5 Quiz About Great Indian Writers

GK CBSE Class 5 Quiz About Great Indian Writers
CBSE Class 5 GK Based on Great Indian Writers

Recognize the following writers -
1. He was a  famous Sanskarit writer and ' Meghdoot ' was his famous novel.

2. He was the great Indian  poet who received the Nobel Prize for ' Gitanjali'.

3.  She won the Booker Prize for a Noval  'The God of Small Things' in 1997.

4.  Name the famous novelist who wrote 'Malgudi Days'.

5. He was the great Indian politician and famous for 'Discovery of India'.

6. He is famous for book 'The 3 Mistakes of my Life'.

7. He was the 1st Indian to write a novel in English titled 'Rajmohan's Wife'.

8. He was great Tamil poet and writer who translated Bhagwad Gita into Tamil.

9. He composed poetry in Urdu and is famous for 'India Wins Freedom'.

10. Name the writer of National Song 'Vande Matram....
1. Kalidas
2. Rabindranath Tagore
3. Arundhati Roy
4. R K Narayan
5. Pt. Jawaharlal  Nehru
6. Chetan Bhagat
7. Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
8.Subramanya Bharati
9. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
10.Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

Monday, July 20, 2015

GK Himachal Pradesh Solved Test Paper

GK Himachal  Pradesh Solved Test Paper
Himachal  Pradesh General Awareness Practice Test

1.  Which is the most cultivated cereal in Shimla, H.P ?

2. What is the state tree of  Himachal  Pradesh ?

3. What is the chief source of income & employment in H.P, India ?

4. Where is the Asia's only natural ice-skating rink in Himachal ?

5. Which district is the largest producer of vegetables in the state ?

6. What is the state flower of  Himachal  Pradesh ?

7. Which district is the largest producer of flowers in the state ?

8. Name the state animal of H.P .

9. What is the name of  the state bird  ?

10. Which farming produces the maximum income in the state ?

1. Barley
2. Devdar
3. Agriculture
4. Shimla
5. Solan
6.  Pink  Rhododendron
7. Sirmaur
8. Snow-Leopard
9. Western- Tragopan ( Jujurana)
10.  Apple Farming

Friday, July 17, 2015

Class 4 GK Practice Test Paper

Class 4 GK Practice Test Paper
Quiz for Class 4 General Awareness test

1. Who is known as Flying Sikh ?

2. Who composed the National Anthem of India ?

3. When is the Human Rights Day celebrated ?

4. When is the ' World Teachers ' Day celebrated ?

5. What  instrument is used to measure the temperature of body ?

6. What  instrument is used  by Doctors to measure the heartbeat ?

7. Who invented the safety pin ?

8. What is the currency of Russia ?

9. Which state is called ' Spice land of India '?

10.Which instrument  measures  the atmospheric pressure ?

11. What is the currency of Bangladesh ?

12. Which dinosaur is known as the 'King of tyrant reptiles' ?

13. Who discovered the sea route from Europe to Asia ?

14. Who invented  the Machine gun ?

15. Name the oldest existing newspaper in India .

1. Milkha Singh
2. Rabindranath Tagore
3. 10 December
4. 5 October
5. Thermometer
6. stethoscope
7. Walter Hunt
8. Ruble
9. Kerala
10. Barometer
11. Taka
12. Tyrannosaurus rex 
13. Vasco da Gama
14. Hiram Maxim
15. 'Bombay Samachar'

Thursday, July 16, 2015

GK Class 4 & 5 Quiz About Great Indian Scientists

GK Class 4 & 5 Quiz About Great Indian Scientists 
GK Question Paper with Answers For 4 & 5 class

1. He was the first Asian scientist to get the Nobel prize for Physics

2. He is a great Indian scientist who got the highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna & also known as the ' Missile Man of India'.

3. He was the first of the major mathematician and astronomer invented zero and the number system.

4. He was the great nuclear scientist who set up the first rocket launching at Thumba, India.

5. He was the famous  biologist, physicist, archaeologist  who conducted research on the Electromagnetic waves.

6. He was a famous Atomic scientist and founded  Bhabha Atomic research Cenrre in Mumbai.

7.  He was an Indian -American biochemist who got the Nobel Prize in 1968.

8. He was the mathematician  made contributions to number theory and infinte series.

9. He was an Indian Physicist, associated with India's first nuclear test in 1974.

10. He was one of great biologists who conducted the survey on birds and known as the ''Bird Man of India''.

1. Dr. C. V. Raman
2. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
3. Aryabhatta
4. Vikram Sarabhai
5. Jagadish Chandra Bose
6. Homi Jahagir Bhabha
7. Har Gobind Khorana
8. Srinivasa Ramanujan
9. Raja Ramanna
10. Salim Ali

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

CBSE 3 Class Maths Quiz Based on Shapes

CBSE  3 Class  Maths Quiz  Based on Shapes
GK  Test Based on shapes in Maths
1. Name the shape which has length , breadth, height and all its sides are equal..
(a)  Cuboid
(b) Cylinder
(c) Cube

2. What is the name of the shape with three sides ?
(a) Rectangle
(b) Triangle
(c) Square

3. It is a shape without corner. What is it ?
(a) Circle
(b) Cube
(c) Triangle

4. It has two sides, one curved and one straight. It has also two corners. What is it ?
(a)  Circle
(b) Semi-Circle
(c) Square

5. It has six sides and six corners. What is it ?
(a) Square
(b) Pentagon
(c) Hexagon

6. It is a shape which has four sides of same length.
(a) Rectangle
(b) Triangle
(c) Square

7. It has five sides and five corners. What is it ?
(a) Square
(b) Pentagon
(c) Hexagon

8. It has four sides and opposite sides are equal.What is it ?
(a) Rectangle
(b) Rhombus
(c) Square

9.  It  is a closed  solid that has two parallel (usually circular ) bases connected by a curved surface. What is it ?
(a) Cuboid
(b) Oval
(c) Cylinder

2. b
3. a
4. b
5. c
6. c
7. b
8. a
9. c

Monday, July 13, 2015

CBSE Maths Solved Test Paper for 3 Class

 CBSE  Maths Solved Test Paper for 3 Class
Solved CBSE 3 Class Maths Question Paper
1. Solve the following Additions-
(a) Th H T O          
      5   7  8 9
   + 3   4  1 0

(b) Th H T O
       1  3  6  4
   + 7   2  9 3

2.  Multiple Choice Questions
A. Largest three digest number is...
a) 100

B. The successor of 999 is ...
a) 100
b) 998
c) 1001

C. The Roman no"L"denotes
a) 100
b) 50
c) 500
d) 1000

D. The number just before a number is called  its
a) Predecessor
b) Addend
c) Successor
d) Sum

E.The sum of any two odd no is
a) Zero
b) Odd
c) Two
d) Even

F. The Roman no"D"denotes
a) 1000
b) 50
c) 500
d) 100

G. The Roman no"M"denotes
a) 100
b) 1000
c) 1500
d) 2000

3.  Write in the Ascending order - 9642, 9624, 9426, 9246
4.   Write in the Descending order - 4910, 4929, 4912, 4919
5. write the smallest and greatest 4 digit  number using 5,8, 7 0

6. Fill in the Blanks...
a) 16,120 +10 = ..........
b) 2603+3456  = 2603 +.........
c) 7654 + ........=  7654
d) There are ....tens in 173
e) Predecessor of  5000 is .....

7. Fill the blanks using signs- <, >, add ,subtract
a) VI  + X  =....
b) XXII +II = ......
c)  XXX - XV = ...
e) XI .......IX

8. There are 5524 birds in a zoo. In winter 3375 birds came from other places. How many total birds are there in the zoo ?

9. There are 1100 apples in one store-room, 990 in the second store-room and 150 in the third store-room.
How many apples are there in all ?

10. The sum of two numbers is 625. If the smaller number is 225, find the larger number.

a.  9199
b 8657.

A. c
B. d
C. b
D. a
E. d
F. c
G. b

3. 9246, 9426, 9624, 9642
4.  4929, 4919, 4912, 4910
5. Smallest- 5078 ,    Largest- 8750

6. Fill in  the Blanks
 a. 16,130
b. 3456
c. 0
d. 17
e. 4999

a. XVI
c. XV
d. <
e. >
8. 8899
9. 2240
10. 400

Saturday, July 11, 2015

CBSE Class 4 animal GK Practice Test

CBSE  Class 4 animal GK Practice Test
Animal Quiz For  Class 4

1. Name a snake that has a rattle at the tail.
2. What is the other name of Flying Fox ?
3.Which animal has long jaw to tear and eat the flesh ?
4. Which is the largest fish ?
5. Name the reptile that creeps on the wall.
6. Name the bird which looks like the pigeon
7. It is a non-poisonous snake and kills its prey by squeezing with its strong muscles.
8. Which is the fastest fish ?
9.Which is the tallest land animal ?
10. Name the animal which does not make any sound ?
11.Which is the smallest bird ?
12.Which is the fastest dog ?
13. Which is the longest insect ?
14. Which is the smallest fish ?
15. Which is the biggest land animal ?
1. Rattle Snake
2. Fox bat
3. Crocodile
4. Whale
5. Lizard
6. Dove
7. Python
8. Sailfish
9. Giraffe
10 Giraffe
11. Hummingbird
12. Greyhound
13. Stick Insect
14. Paedocypris
15. Elephant

Friday, July 10, 2015

CBSE Class 4 GK Question Paper

 CBSE Class 4 GK Question Paper
CBSE Class 4 General Awareness test
Recognise Me -
1. I have sticky tongue.
2.I am flightless sea bird.
3. I carry a baby plant inside me
4. I don't have teeth
5. I have a tube to suck the nectar.
6. I have ears own my knees.
7. I have pouch in my belly.
8. The reptile that changes its color.
9. Its a snake that has a hood.
10. Its a reptile that lived for 100 years.
1. Frog
2. Penguine
3. Seed
6. Cricket
7. Kangaroo
8. Chameleon
10. Tortoise

CBSE 3 Class GK Question Paper

CBSE 3 Class  GK Question  Paper
 3 Class CBSE General Awareness Test
1. Who was the Ist person that proved Earth is round ?
a) Aristotle
(b) Aryabhatta
(c) Magellan
(d) Newton

2. Which is the Imaginary Line that runs through the  two poles ?
(a)  Axis
(b) Equator
(c) Horizon
(d) Parallel line

3. The name shared by two continents is....
(a) Australia
(b) America
(c) Africa
(d) Europe

4. Which of the following are  drawing of places ?
(a) Pictures
(b) Globe
(c) Maps
(d) Graphs

5. Which is the largest Ocean in the World ?
(a) Arctic
(b) Antarctica
(c) Indian
(d) Pacific

6. What is the shape of Earth ?
(a) Round
(b) Orange -shaped
(c) Flat
(d) Oval

7. Name the largest continent of the world ?
(a) Australia
(b) Asia
(c) Africa
(d) Europe

8. The huge areas of land on the Earth are called....
(a) Oceans
(b) Mountains
(c) Continents
(d)  Hills

9. Who was the first woman to travel in space ?
(a)  Sunita wiliams
(b) Kavita Chawala
(c) Junko tabei
(d) Valentina Tereshkova

10. Name the smallest continent of the world ?
(a) Australia
(b)  North America
(c) Africa
(d) Europe

1. a
2  a
3. b
4. c
5. d
6. b
7. b
8. c
9. d
10. a