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Madhya Pradesh History General Awareness Test

Madhya Pradesh History General Awareness Test
GK Madhya Pradesh History Solved Paper
1. Who built 'The Sanchi stupa' in Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh ?
(a) Chandergupta Maurya
(b) Ashoka
(c) Akbar
(d) Harshvardan

2. In which centuries Northern India was conquered by the Gupta empire ?
(a) 1st and 2nd
(b) 2nd and 3rd
(c) 4th and 5th
(d) 6th and 7th

3. Who defeated the  Hephthalites or White Huns in 528, ending their expansion ?
(a) Yasodharman
(b) Akbar
(c) Chandergupta Maurya
(d)  Ashoka

4. In which century 'The city of Ujjain' arose as a major center in the second wave of Indian urbanization ?
(a) Fifth century BC
(b) Sixth century BC
(c) Seventh century BC
(d) None of the above

5. The south Indian king Gautamiputra Satakarni belong to which dynasty ?
(a) Saka dynasty
(b) Vakataka dynasty
(c) Satavahana dynasty
(d) Rashtrakuta Dynasty

6. During the 1857 uprising, rebellions who was the leader in the northern parts of the state .
(a)Chandra Shekhar Azad
(b) B. R. Ambedkar
(c) Shankar Dayal Sharma
(d) Tatya Tope

7. By which dynasty  most Khajuraho temples were built  in MP, India ? .
(a) Satavahana dynasty
(b) Chandela dynasty
(c) Vakataka dynasty
(d)  Saka dynasty

8. What was the ancient name of Ujjain, MP ?
(a) Hathnora
(b) Amarkantak
(c) Avanti
(d) Gwalior

9. When the Malwa Sultanate was conquered by the Sultanate of Gujarat ?
(a) 1531
(b) 1540
(c) 1707
(d) 1720

10. In which year  states of Madhya Bharat, Vindhya Pradesh & Bhopal were merged into Madhya  Pradesh ?
(a) 1950
(b) 1953
(c) 1954
(d) 1956

1. b
2. c
3. a
4. b
5. c
6. d
7. b
8. c
9. a
10. d

GK Maharashtra History Practice MCQ Paper

GK Maharashtra History Practice MCQ Paper
Maharashtra History General Knowledge Test Paper
1.  Which Empire ruled  Maharashtra  in the 4th and 3rd century BC ?
(a)  Gupta Empire
(b)  Chalukya Empire
(c)  Maurya Empire
(d) Rashtrakuta Dynasty

2.  Maharashtra came under the rule of the Satavahana dynasty for ........ years.
(a) 100
(b) 200
(c) 300
(d) 400

3. Who was the greatest ruler of the Satavahana  Dynasty ?
(a) Gautamiputra Satakarni
(b)  Pulakeshin II
(c) Harshavardhan
(d) Vikramaditya II

4. Who conquered  parts of the Deccan & temporarily shifted his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad in Maharashtra ?
(a) Ala-ud-din Khalji
(b) Nizamshah
(c) Muhammad bin Tughluq
(d) Qutubshah

5. When did 'The Third Anglo-Maratha war ' take place ?
(a) 1815–1816
(b) 1817–1818
(c) 1819–1820
(d) 1821–1822

6. In which year Satara was annexed to the Bombay Presidency ?
(a) 1848
(b) 1849
(c) 1850
(d) 1851

7 . Berar, which had been part of the Nizam of Hyderabad's kingdom, was occupied by the British  in which year ?
(a) 1851
(b) 1852
(c) 1853
(d) 1854

8. Who became the first Chief Minister of the Congress party led Government of tri-lingual Bombay Presidency ?
(a) Vinayak Damodar Savarkar
(b)  Mahadev Govind Ranade
(c)  B. G. Kher
(d)  Pherozeshah Mehta

9. Who was the leader of  'Samyukta Maharashtra Samiti'?
(a) Keshavrao Jedhe
(b) Gopalrao Khedkar
(c) S.M. Joshi
(d) Shripad Amrit Dange

10.  In the early 14th century  which dynasty  ruled most of present-day Maharashtra ?
(a) Yadava dynasty
(b) Satavahana dynasty
(c) Rashtrakuta Dynasty
(d) Chalukaya  Dynasty

1. c
2. d
3. a
4. c
5. b
6. a
7. c
8. c
9. b
10. a