Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nagaland GK Solved Practice Paper

Nagaland GK Solved Practice Paper
General Knowledge Test Nagaland  Quiz

1. ......is the capital of Nagaland.
2....is the biggest city of Nagaland.
3. Who is the chief ministry of Nagaland ?
4. .....  is the most important economic activity of Nagaland.
5.  Nagaland became the 16th state of the India on ......
6......... is the highest peak and  natural barrier between Nagaland and Burma.
7. Who is the Governor of Nagaland ?
8. What is the literacy rate in Nagaland ?
9. Which is the Official Language of the state ?
10. The state is bounded by .........in the east and ....in the west.
11. .......The most artistic dance of the state.
12.  What is the meaning of Dimapur ?
13. Nagaland is known in India as the land of .........
14.Kohima  is the home of the ......tribe.
15. Where is the Dzukou Valley located in Nagalad ?
1. Kohima
2. Dimapur
3. T.R Zeliang
4. Agriculture
5.  1 December 1963
6. Mount Saramati
7.Ashwani  Kumar
8. 80.11%
9. English
10. Mynamar, Manipur
11. Zeliang dance
12.City of great river
13.  festivals
14. Angami Naga
15. Phek District 

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