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Geology Civil Services Solved Test

Geology Civil Services Solved Test
Earth Science Objective Question Paper
1. One gram of uranium will produce energy
equivalent to approximately
(a) 1 tonne of high grade coal
(b) 4.5 tonnes of high grade coal
(c) 10 tonnes of high grade coal
(d) 100 tonnes of high grade coal
Answer (b)

2. Boiling water reactor uses the following as
moderator, coolant and working fluid
(a) Ordinary fluid
(b) Heavy water
(c) Molten lead
(d) Hydrogen gas
Answer (a)

3. Fast breeder reactors
(a) Operate at extremely high power densities
(b) Are liquid-metal cooled
(c) Produce more fuel than they constune
(d) All of the above
Answer (d)

4. Pump used in liquid metal cooled reactor for
circulation of liquid metal is
(a) Centrifugal
(b) Axial
(c) Reciprocation
(d) Electromagnetic
Answer (d)

5. A pressurised water reactor employs pressuriser
(a) To maintain constant pressure in primary
circuit under varying load
(b) To supply high pressure steam
(c) To increase pressure of water in primary
(d) To provide subcooled water at high pressure
 Answer (a)

6. Reactors for propulsion applications uses
(a) Natural uranium
(b) Molten lead
(c) Thorium
(d) Plutonium
Answer (b)

7. Breeder reactors employ liquid metal coolant
because it
(a) Acts as good moderator
(b) Produces maximum steam
(c) Transfers heat from core at a fast rate
(d) Breeds neutrons
Answer (c)

8. For economical operation of nuclear plant
(a) Used fuel should be reprocessed
(b) Moderator should be used
(c) Coolant should be employed
(d) Control rods should be used
Answer (a)

9. When a reactor becomes critical, then the
production of neutrons is
(a) Infinite
(b) Zero
(c) Exactly balanced by the loss of neutrons
through leakage
(a)    Initiated
Answer (c)

10. Energy produced by a thermal reactor of same
size as breeder reactor is
(a) Almost same
(b) Slightly more
(c) Slightly less
(d) Much less
Answer (d)

11. Superheated steam is generated on which if
the following reactor?
(a) Boiling water
(b) Gas cooled
(c) Pressurised water
(d) All of the above
Answer (b)

12. More appropriate for a moderator, is one which
(a) Does not absorb neutrons
(b) Absorbs neutrons
(c) Accelerates neutrons
(d) Eats up neutrons
Answer (a)

13. In triggering fission, which of the following
types of neutrons are desirable?
(a) Fast moving
(b) Slow moving
(c) Critical neutrons
(d) Neutrons at rest
Answer (b)

14. Serious difficulty in designing reactor shield
is presented by
(a) Alpha particles
(b) Beta particles
(c) Thermal neutrons
(d) Fast neutrons and gamma rays
Answer (d)

15. In order to have constant chain reaction to
Produce a constant rate of heat output, the value
Of ratio of the number of neutrons in one generation
To the number of neutrons in the immediately
Preceeding generation must be
(a)    Greater than 1.0
(b)   Less than 1.0
(c)    Equal to zero
(d)   Equal to 1.0
Answer (d)

16. Effective moderators are those materials which
(a) Kinetic energy of neutrons
(b) Kinetic energy of fission products
(d) Instantaneous release of gamma rays 
(d) Gradual radioactive decay of  fission Products
Answer (a)

17. In nuclear fission
(a) The original elements change into completely
Different elements.
(b) The electrons of the elements change
(c) The molecules rearrange themselves to form
other molecules
(d) None of the above
Answer (a)

18. Which of the following can be used as a coolant
in nuclear plant ?
(a) Light or heavy water
(b) Molten lead
(c) Thorium
(d) Plutonium
Answer (a)

19. Function of control rods in nuclear plant is to
(a) Temperature
(b) Readioactive pollution
(c) Absorption of neutron
(d) Fuel consumption
Answer (c)

20. In triggering fission, which type of neutrons
are more effective?
(a) Fast
(b) Slow
(c) In bulk
(d) Static
Answer (b)

21. In the breeder reactors, the generation of new fissionable atom is
(a) At the lower rate than the consumption
(b) At a higher rate than the consumption
(c) At an equal rate of the consumption
(d) Depends on other considerations
Answer (b)

22. Reactors designed for propulsion applications
are designed for
(a) Natural uranium
(b) Enriched uranium
(c) Pure uranium
(d) Any type of uranium
Answer (b)

23. Solid fuel for nuclear reactions may be
fabricated into various small shapes such as
(a) Plates
(b) Pallets
(c) Pins
(d) Any one of the above
Answer (d)

24. Fuel needed, with reflector in nuclear power
Plant, in order to generate sufficient neutrons to
Sustain a chain reaction, would be
(a)    More
(b)   Less
(c)    Same
(d)   Zero
Answer (b)

25. Breeding gain in case of thermal breeder
reactor as compared to fast breeder reactor is
(a) Same 
(b) Lower
(c) Higher
(d) Unity
Answer (b)

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