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IAS Exams English Grammar Civil Services Test

 IAS Exams English Grammar Civil Services Test
English Solved Sample Paper UPSC IAS Exam
Directions : In each of the following questions, out of the given alternatives,
choose the one which is closest in meaning to the italicized word in the sentence.

1. The poem is written in a very lucid style.
(a) Intricate
(b) Noble
(c) Elaborate
(d) Clear
Answer. (d)

2. The man lived in a dilapidated house made of mud and bricks.
(a) Crumbling
(b) Old
(c) Thatched 
(d) Crashing
Answer. (a)

3. The workers struck work asking for interim relief.
(a) Immediate
(b) Extra
(c) Urgent
(d) Provisional
Answer. (d)

4. He has worn great admiration amongst his students because of his verdant outlook.
(a) Wide
(b) Optimistic
(c) Fresh
(d) Logical
Answer. (c)

5. Wisdom seems to have got lost in a welter of knowledge.
 (a) Confusion
 (b) Height
 (c) Clarity
 (d) Sacrifice
Answer. (a)

6.  He was a vulpine person and so avoided by his neighbours.
(a) Indolent
(b) Miserly
(c) Haughty
(d) Crafty
Answer. (d)

7.  A reliable friend -is the gift of God.
(a) Helpful
(b) Dependable
(c) Honest
(d) True
Answer. (b)

8. The tinned food that we bought in the way was all tained and spoiled.
(a) Contaminated
(b) Rotten
(c) Adulterated
(d) Noxious
Answer. (a)

9. My uncle was so chagrined that he avoided mentioning the incident.
(a) Frustrated
(b) Annoyed
(c) Disappointed
(d) Tired
Answer. (c)

10. The recent acts of vandalism in the country cannot be ignored. 
(a) Disturbance
(b) Ravage
(c) Provocation 
(d) Violence
Answer. (d)

11. Everyone in the bazaar turned to stare at the visitor and his preposterous dress.
(a) Pompous
(b) Vague
(c) Absurd
(d) Strange
Answer. (c)

12. Those who acquire quick money are impatient to flaunt their wealth and
material possessions.
(a) Waste
(b) Squander
(c) Hide
(d) Show off
Answer. (d)

13. Parents should cultivate in their children the habit of helping others.
(a) Propagate
(b) Sprout
(c) Create
(d) Foster
Answer. (d)

14. The Principals advice will prove salutary for the students.
(a) Encouraging 
(b) Remarkable
(c) Beneficial
(d) Harmful
Answer. (c)

15. His sententious reply impressed the visitor.
(a) Sharp
(b) Quick
(c) Insipid
(d) Meaningful
Answer. (d)

16. Scientific knowledge is an intoxicating draught, and it may be one in which
the human race is unable to sustain.
(a) Drink
(b) Product
(c) Disease
(d) Process
Answer. (a)

17. There has been considerable furore both within Parliament and without
about the proposed hike in tele-communication tariff.
(a) 0pposition
(b) Criticism
(c) Uproar
(d) Disagreement
Answer. (c)

18. Article 26 of the Constitution is, in fact, a corollary to Article 25.
(a) Proof
(b) Summary
(c) Synopsis
(d) Deduction
Answer. (d)

19. The scheme failed for want of adequate funds. 
(a) Necessary
(b) Recommended
(c) Required
(d) Sufficient
Answer. (d)

20. The meeting was called to ruminate on recent events in the subcontinent.
(a) Ponder
(b) Examine
(c) Argue
(d) Discuss
Answer. (a)

21. On the stage of this world, the drama of life is transitory as well as traumatic.
(a) Transitional
(b) Dull
(c) Fleeting
(d) Painful
Answer. (c)

22. The new government decided to rescind most of the decisions of its predecessor.
(a) Rectify
(b) Modify
(c) Revoke
(d) Reconsider
Answer. (c)

23. The slump in business made Ratanlal bankrupt.
(a) Loss 
(b) Extortion
(c) Fall
(d) Failure
Answer. (c)

24. The two brothers should not vie with each other but work in co-operation.
   (a) Fight
   (b) Conspire
   (c) Compete
   (d) Envy
Answer. (c)

25. The ship was caught in the tempest and all but the captain were drowned.
(a) Bad weather
(b) Violent storm
(c) Typhoon
(d) Whirlpool
Answer. (b)

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