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Jammu & Kashmir History GK Practice Test

Jammu & Kashmir History GK Practice Test
Solved Jammu & Kashmir History Question Paper

1.  Who was the first Muslim ruler of Kashmir in 1339 ?
(a)  Afghan Durrani Empire
(b)  Shah Mir
(c) Ranjit Singh
(d) Gulab Singh

2. In the first half of the 1st millennium, the Kashmir region became an important centre of which religion ?
(a)  Hinduism
(b) Islamization
(c)  Buddhism
(d) Shaivism

3.  Muslim monarchs ruled Kashmir, including the Mughals, who ruled from .......
(a)  1586
(b)  1756
(c) 1819
(d) 1846

4. In the 8th century which  dynasty established themselves as rulers of Kashmir ?
(a) Kushan dynasty
(b) Karkota dynasty
(c) Lohara dynasty
(d) Utpala dynasty

5.  Who wrote the Shiva Sutras which laid the foundation for a monastic Shaiva system called Kashmir Shaivism ?
(a  Abhinava Gupta
(b) Narasinha Gupta
(c) Vasu Gupta
(d) Bhatta Kallata

6. During  which century Mahmud of Ghazni made two attempts to conquer Kashmir ?
(a) 7th century
(b) 8th century
(c) 10th century
(d) 11th century

7. Who was the last king of the Lohara dynasty in Kashmir ?
(a)  Vigraharaja
(b)  Suhadeva
(c)  Samgramaraja
(d)  Hariraja

8.  Who invited artists and craftsmen from Central Asia and Persia to train local artists in Kashmir ?
(a)  Afghan Durrani Empire
(b)  Shah Mir
(c)  Suhadeva
(d)  Sultan Zain-ul-Abidin

9.  During the 11th century who  made two attempts to conquer Kashmir ?
(a)  Porus
(b) Alexander
(c) Mahmud of Ghazni
(d) Sultan Sikandar

10. In which century Islam became the dominant religion in Kashmir ?
(a) 8th century
(b) 10th century
(c) 11th century
(d) 14th century

11. The Hazratbal Shrine contains a relic, the Moi-e-Muqqadas,  was first brought to India by ...........
(a) Syed Abdullah
(b) Syed Hamid
(c)  Khwaja Nur-ud-Din Eshai
(d)  Aurangzeb

12. When did Ranjit Singh become master of Lahore ?
(a) 1799
(b) 1813
(c) 1813
(d) 1823

13.  In which year  Ranjit Singh successfully annexed Kashmir ?
(a) 1813
(b) 1813
(c) 1823
(d) 1834

14.  Who built the Jamia Masjid of Srinagar ?
(a) Mir Mohmmad Hamadani
(b) Zain-ul-Abidin
(c) Sultan Sikandar
(d)  Shah hamdan

15. When did 'The First Anglo-Sikh war' begin ?
(a) 1839
(b) 1840
(c) 1845
(d) 1846

16.  Who was the last ruling Maharaja of the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir, India ?
(a) Hari Singh
(b) Ranjit Singh
(c) Ranbir Singh
(d) Karan Singh

17. Who was the founding leader of the National Conference and thrice served as the head of government in Kashmir ?
(a)  Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad
(b) Ghulam Mohammed Sadiq
(c) Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad
(d) Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah

18 Who was the founder of royal Dogra dynasty in Jammu & Kashmir ?
(a) Kishore Singh
(b) Gulab Singh
(c) Jit Singh
(d) Zorawar Singh

19. Jammu was founded by whom  in the 14th century BCE ?
(a)  Raja Bahu Lochan
(b)  Raja Jambu Lochan
(c)  Maharaja Ranjit Singh
(d) Gulab Singh

20.  In which year Maharaja Hari Singh became the ruler of the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir ?
(a)  1922
(b) 1923
(c) 1924
(d) 1925

1. b
2. a
3. a
4. b
5. c
6. d
7. b
8. d
9. c
10. d
11. a
12. a
13. b
14. c
15. c
16. a
17. d
18. b
19. b
20. d

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