Monday, July 11, 2016

Past Professions of Celebrities before they became celebrity

Past Professions of Celebrities before they became celebrity
Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was a printer before or
Nelson Mandela was a  Lawyer 
Trivia Gk on professions of Celebs 

Celeb: Past profession
Aesop : Slave
Henrik Ibsen:Pharmacist
Alex Harvey: Lion Tamer
Issac Asimov :Biochemist
Alighieri Dante :Embassy Official
James Callaghan:Tax Official
Antoine Laurent Lavoisier: Tax Collector
Jean Genet : Professional Criminal and Male Prostitute
Benjamin Disraeli : Novelist
Benjamin Franklin : Printer
Johann von Goethe : Court Official ,Fire Chief and  Newspaper Critic
Cary Grant :Acrobat
Casanova: Lottery Director ,Librarian, Spy
John Boyd Dunlop:Vet
Clement Attlee : Social Worker and lawyer 
John Mills :Toilet Paper Salesman
Clint Eastwood: Swimming Instructor
Jonathan Swift:Clergyman
Desmond Tutu : Schoolteacher
Joseph Goebbels :Newspaper Editor
Emile Zola : journalist
Jules Verne:Librettist
George Orwell : Policeman
Julius Nyerere:Teacher
Giuseppe Garibaldi :Candlemaker, Privateer
Lech Walesa:Electrician
Gregor Mendel: Monk
Marcello Mastroianni : Draughtsman
Nelson Mandela :Lawyer
Noah Webster :Lawyer
Norodom Sihanouk : musician 
Ronald Regan : Actor
Samuel Morse : Artist
Sir Walter Scott : lawyer 
Thomas Hardy :Architect 
Thomas Malthus : Clergyman
Valentina Tereshkova : Cotton Mill worker
Walter De La Mare : Oil Company Worker
WG Grace : Doctor
William Faulkner  : Postmaster
William Wordsworth : Stamp Distributor

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