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World Geography Model test paper For KVS PGT TGT Teachers exam and UPSC Civil Services and IES Exam

World Geography Model test paper For KVS PGT TGT Teachers exam and UPSC Civil Services and IES Exam
Geography objective questions
1. The longest inland waterways in the world is at
(A) Mississippi river system
(B) The Great Lakes
(C)  St. Lawrence
(D) River Rhine

2. Which   one   of   the   following countries has the highest average of road length on per thousand
square kilometers of area basis ?
(A) India
 (B) Japan
 (D) France

3. Who said, "Similar locations lead to similar mode of life" ?
(A) F.Ratzel
(B) CarlRitter
(C) Alexander Von Humboldt
(D) E C Semple

4. The Red Indians or American Indians belong to the
(A) Mongolian race
(B) Caucasoid race
(C) Australoid race
(D) Negrito race

5.   Which of the following States was formed exclusively by the migrants in the 20th Century ?
(A)  Maldives
(B)   Mauritius
(C)  Israel
(D)  Myanmar

6.   Which one of the following regions practising most intensive subsistence farming ?
(A)  Pampas region
(B)   Murray-Darling Basin
(C)  California Valley
(D)  Monsoon Asia

7.   The 'Hottentots' are the
(A)  Pigmies of Congo basin
(B)   Negrito of Sri Lanka having brown colour
(C)   Yellow skin colour of Southwest Africa
(D)  Negritoes of Eastern-Africa

8.   The determining factor of population region is”
(A)  Birthrate
(B)   Death rate
(C)  Density of population
(D)  Above all

9.   By which theory does the population increase geometrically ?
(A)  Optimum Population Theory
(B)   Malthusian Theory of Population
(C)   Logestic Curve Theory
(D)  Theory    of   Demographic Transition

10.   Hunting Instrument Harpoon is used by
(A) Bushman
(B) Eskimo
 (C)  Papuan
  (D) Vedda

11.  The leading sulphur producing country in the world is
(A) U.S.A.
 (B) Russia
 (C) Japan
(D) U.K.

12.   'Craal 'is a house of
(A) Bushman
 (B) Beddo
(C) Masai
(D) Semang

13.   Optimum Population Theory is propounded by
(A)  Edwin Cannon
(B)   Malthus
 (C)  Clarke
 (D) Talber

14.   What is 'Karaganda' ?
(A)  An animal
(B)   A mountain
 (C) A coalfield
 (D)  An ocean deep

15.   What is'Hebrew'?
(A) An animal
 (B) A language
(C)  A river
 (D) A plant

16.   Which of the following is called the Plateau Continent ?
(A)  South America
(B)   Asia
(C)  Africa
(D)  Europe

17.   Which industry is most important in South-West Asia ?
(A)   Iron and Steel Industry
(B)   Petro-chcmical Industry
(C)   Heavy Engineering Industry
(D)  Textile Industry

18.   In general the most fertile layer of the soil is”
(A)   'B'Layer
(B)   'A'Layer
(C)   'C' Layer
(D) None of the above

19.   The most important factor to control the growth and types of forests is?
(A)  Soil types
(B)   Climate
(C)   Underground water
(D)   Soil fertility

20.  'Mediterranean Sea Forests' are found in the areas?
(A)   Between I0°N to 10°S latitudes
(B)   Between 208N to 30°N latitudes
{C)  Between 30° to 45" latitudes in the western parts of continents
(D) Between 60° to 65* latitudes

1.   (A)
2.   (C)
4. (A)
6.  (D)
7.  (D)
10.  (B)
11. (A)
12. (C)
 13. (A)
14.   (C)
15.   (B) 'Hebrew' is Spoken in Israel.
16.   (C)
17. (B)
18. (B)
19. (B)
20. (C)

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