Friday, July 10, 2015

CBSE 3 Class GK Question Paper

CBSE 3 Class  GK Question  Paper
 3 Class CBSE General Awareness Test
1. Who was the Ist person that proved Earth is round ?
a) Aristotle
(b) Aryabhatta
(c) Magellan
(d) Newton

2. Which is the Imaginary Line that runs through the  two poles ?
(a)  Axis
(b) Equator
(c) Horizon
(d) Parallel line

3. The name shared by two continents is....
(a) Australia
(b) America
(c) Africa
(d) Europe

4. Which of the following are  drawing of places ?
(a) Pictures
(b) Globe
(c) Maps
(d) Graphs

5. Which is the largest Ocean in the World ?
(a) Arctic
(b) Antarctica
(c) Indian
(d) Pacific

6. What is the shape of Earth ?
(a) Round
(b) Orange -shaped
(c) Flat
(d) Oval

7. Name the largest continent of the world ?
(a) Australia
(b) Asia
(c) Africa
(d) Europe

8. The huge areas of land on the Earth are called....
(a) Oceans
(b) Mountains
(c) Continents
(d)  Hills

9. Who was the first woman to travel in space ?
(a)  Sunita wiliams
(b) Kavita Chawala
(c) Junko tabei
(d) Valentina Tereshkova

10. Name the smallest continent of the world ?
(a) Australia
(b)  North America
(c) Africa
(d) Europe

1. a
2  a
3. b
4. c
5. d
6. b
7. b
8. c
9. d
10. a

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