Thursday, August 27, 2015

Indian States GK Practice Sample Paper

 Indian States GK Practice Sample Paper
 Quiz about States of India

1. Where is famous Sabarmati Ashram is situated ?

2. Which state was the summer capital of British India ?

3. 'Cheraw'  Dance is popular bamboo dance belongs to which state ?

4. Which state is called India's heart and famous for diamond mining ?

5. Its capital is known as the 'Pearl City' and is famous for its Biryani .

6. Name the state which is famous for 'Kathakali Dance and Onam festival and is also called 'Spice land of India'.

7. Which state of India is called 'Land of Sunrise' ?
8. Name the state where Bodhgaya is situated and Lord Buddha attained his enlightenment.

9. Where is Kaziranga National Park is located in India ?

10. Name the state where highest mountain peak of India, 'Kanchanjunga' is situated.

1. Gujrat
2. Himachal Pradesh
3. Mizoram
4. Madhya Pradesh
5. Andhra Pradesh
6. Kerala
7. Arunachal Pradesh
8. Bihar
9. Assam
10. Sikkim

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