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General Science Botany History Solved Questions

General Science Botany History Solved Questions
GK Based on History  of botany
1. How many years ago The first written records of plants were made in the Neolithic Revolution ?
(a)  5000
(b)  10,000
(c) 15,000
(d)  20,000

2. Early natural history divided pure botany into how many  main streams ?
(a)  2
(b)  3
(c)  4
(d)  5

3.  Name the branch of science which related to the study of the relationships that exist between peoples and plants.
(a)  Phycology
(b) Bryology
(c) Morphology-
(d) Ethnobotany

4. Bryology is the branch of botany concerned with the scientific study of ..............
(a)  Liverworts
(b) Hornworts
(c)  Mosses
(d) Allof the above

5.  Which is the  most studied ancient legal text among the many Dharmasastras of Hinduism ?
(a) Charaka Samhita
(b) Manu Smriti
(c) Vaisesika
(d) Sushruta Samhita

6. Which one of the following  is an ancient Sanskrit text on medicine and surgery ?
(a)  Sushruta Samhita
(b) Charaka Samhita
(c) Vaisesika
(d) Etiology

7. Who was the creator of  first recorded herbarium, as well as botanical garden in Europe ?
(a)  Aristotle
(b)  Luca Ghini
(c)  Theophrastus
(d)  Otto Brunfels

8. In which year Orto botanico di Pisa  was established  ?
(a)  1544
(b) 1563
(c) 1591
(d) 1595

9. Who is known as the "father of modern taxonomy" ?
(a) Cornelis Drebbel
(b) Johann Lippershey
(c) Carl Linnaes
(d) Ernst August Friedrich Ruska

10.  Name the scientist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1986 for his work in electron optics.
(a) Cornelis Drebbel
(b)  Johann Lippershey
(c) Carl Linnaes
(d) Ernst August Friedrich Ruska

11.  Who is commonly known as "the Father of Microbiology" ?
(a)  Carl Linnaes
(b) Antonie Philips van Leeuwenhoek
(c) Robert Hooke
(d) Johann Lippershey

12. Who discovered that light is essential for  photosynthesis ?
(a)  John Ray
(b) Jan Ingenhousz
(c)  Rudolf Jakob Camerarius
(d)  Frederick Bowe

13. Who discovered the cell nucleus in living organisms ?
(a)  Robert Brown
(b) Robert Hooke
(c)  Van Leeuwenhoek
(d)  Jan Ingenhousz

14. Who  is best known for his discoveries of two important chemical reactions in the body, urea cycle and the citric acid cycle ?
(a)  Hans Adolf Krebs
(b) Ernst August Friedrich Ruska
(c)  Rudolf Jakob Camerarius
(d) Hans Adolf Krebs

15. Who discovered  the simple microscope which had a single lens and were hand-held ?
(a)  Johann Lippershey
(b)   John Ray
(c)  Antony Van Leeuwenhoek
(d) Ernst August Friedrich Ruska

1. b
2. b
3. d
4. c
5. b
6. a
7. b
8. a
9. c
10. d
11. b
12. b
13. a
14. d
15. c

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