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English Bank PO, Teachers Entrance Exams

English Bank PO, Teachers Entrance Exams
UPSC English Sample Paper
Select the word which is Antonym of the italicized word

1. She looked gorgeous in her new dress.
(a) Ugly
(b) Beautiful
(c) Ordinary
(d) Shabby
Answer. (d)

2. In ancient days, a fragile glass jar was considered to be more valuable than a human slave.
(a) Broad
(b) Tall
(c) Strong
(d) Heavy
Answer. (c)

3. Last month tomatoes were quite cheap.
(a) Inexpensive
(b) Costly
(c) Insufficient
(d) Less
Answer. (b)

4. I accept your plan.
(a) Deny
(b) Dismiss
(c) Reject
(d) Decline
Answer. (c)

5. It was really a sinister move on his part.
(a)  Malevolent
(b) Sinful
(c) Auspicious
(d) Right
Answer. (c)

6. That man is known for his elegance.
(a) Awkwardness
(b) Indelicacy
(c) Clumsiness
(d) Savagery
Answer. (c)

7. The man was liberated from the charge.
(a) Emancipated
(b) Enclosed
(c) Concealed
(d) Imprisoned
Answer. (d)

8.  For the first time I saw him speaking so rudely to Ranjeet.
(a) Softly
(b) Gently
(c) Politely
(d) Slowly
Answer. (c)

9. He was asked to accelerate the pace of work.
(a) Check
(b) Control
(c) Slacken
(d) Supervise
Answer. (c)

10. Gandhiji always advocated the use of indigenous goods.
(a) Cheap
(b) Native
(c) Silly
(d) Foreign
Answer. (d)

11. In all places, and at all times, there is a profusion of talents.
(a) Plenty
(b) Generosity
(c) Aversion
(d) Scarcity
Answer. (d)

12. The actor is well known both for his humility and courage.
(a) Gentleness
(b) Honesty
(c) Determination
(d) Pride
Answer. (d)

13. Ashish has an innate sense of humor.
(b) Inborn
(c) Unusual
(d) Acquired
Answer. (d)

14. Rajesh’s rustic behaviour astonished the teacher.
(a) Impolite
(b) Genuine
(c) Sophisticated
(d) Awkward
Answer. (c)

15. Always be impartial in your dealings.
(a) Discourteous
(b) Impudent
(c) Disrespectful
(d) Unfair
Answer. (d)

16. Repression in Chine has deepened during the past few months.
(a) Regeneration
(b) Liberation
(c) Agitation
(d) Expression
Answer. (b)

17.  We should not belittle the value of small things.
(a) Expand
(b) Inflate
(c) Praise
(d) Extol
Answer. (d)

18. Rajesh is a shrewd person.
(a) Boisterous
(b) Aggressive
(c) Foolish
(d) Intelligent
Answer. (c)

19. He denied the accusation.
(a) Justified
(b) Spoke
(c) Publicized
(d) Affirmed
Answer. (d)

20. I think this would be a quixotic project for me.
(a) Wasteful
(b) Profitable
(c) Fantastic
(d) Practical
Answer. (d)

21. He found it hard to withstand the stress of circumstances.
(a) Endure 
(b) Resist
(c) Tolerate
(d) Yield
Answer. (d)

22.  He frequently visits his old uncle in his native village.
(a) Temporarily
(b) Rarely
(c) Irregularly
(d) Secretly
Answer. (b)

23. Such comparisons in poetry are now obsolete.  
(a) Permanent
(b) Ancient
(c) Renovated
(d) Recent
Answer. (d)

24. In the interest of one’s own reputation one should avoid ostentation while entertaining friends.
(a) Innocence
(b) Purity
(c) Simplicity
(d) Miserliness
Answer. (c)

25. Ours is undoubtedly a morbid society.
(a) Healthy
(b) Virtuous
(c) Liberal
(d) Progressive
Answer. (a)

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