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Indian history Solved Questions for exams

Indian history Solved Questions for exams
Indian History - General Knowledge Questions and Answers

1. Who among the following are the Hinasippas mentioned in the Jatakas?
1. Wood workers
2. Butchers
3. Hunters aid trappers
4. Ivory works
(A) 1 & 2
(B) 1 & 3
(C) 1 & 4
(D) 3 & 4
Ans. (C)

2. Paloura, mentioned as a port in the early sources was located on the coast. of—
(A) .Kerala
(B) Vanga
(C) Kalinga
(D) Andhra
Ans. (B)

3. Coconut cultivation in India was known from the period of the—
(A) Mauryas
(B) Satavahanas and Kshatrapas
(C) Guptas
(D) Pahallavas and Western Gangas
Ans. (D)

4. Which of the following terms mentioned in early sources denote land-measure?
1. Nivartana
2. Kulyavapa
3. Dronavapa
4. Rathya
(A) 1 & 2
(B) 2 & 3
(C) 1, 2 & 3
(D) 3 & 4
Ans. (C)

5. Which of the following were considered untouchable in early India?
1. Chanriakara
2. Svarnakara
3. Paraiyar
4. Rathakara
(A) 1 & 2
(B) 1 & 3
(C) 1, 2 & 3
(D) 3 & 4
Ans. (C)

6. The famous temple of Kailasa, hewn out of the rock, is at—
(A) Elephant
(B) Ellora
(C) Badami
(D) Mahabalipuram
Ans. (B)

7. Which one of the following was known as Mauigramam?
(A) The quarters for jewellers
(B) V The principal seats of the worship of Yaksha Manibhadra
(C) An association of traders
(D) Villages granted tax tree to brahmanas in the Chola kingdom
Ans. (C)

8. Grant of land to the Buddhist monastery Shailendra Chudamani vihara was made by—
(A) Pala king Devapala
(B) Chola king Kulottunga I
(C) Pandya king Sundra Pandya
(D) Pahallava king Narasimha Varman
Ans. (A)

9. Somapura, the site of a great Buddhist monastery was located in—
(A) Eastern Bihar
(B) Northern Bihar
(C) Northern Bengal
(D) Southern Bengal
Ans. (C)

10. The early Tamil poet who makes a reference to the Nandas and Mauryans in his work is —
(A) Sattanar
(B) Ilango Adigal
(C) Kapilar
(D) Mamulanar
Ans. (D)

11. What is the correct chronological order in which Buddhist Councils were held at the following four places?
1. Vaishali
2. Rajagriha
3. Kundalavana
4. Patalipu1ra
(A) 1, 2, 3, 4
(B) 4, 3, 2, 1
(C) 2, 1, 3, 4
(D) 2, 1, 4, 3
Ans. (D)

12. According o the Mahasanghikas, a being is composed of—
(A) Five dharmas
(B) Seven dharmas
(C) Nine dharmas
(D) Eighteen dharmas
Ans. (A)

13. Which one of the following’ worshipped Chakreshvari among other duties?
(A) Bhagvatas
(B) Shaivas
(C) Jainas
(D) Buddhists
Ans. (D)

14. Which of the following were important characteristics of early Bhagvatism?
1. Devotion
2. Action
3. Knowledge
4. Social rigidity
5. Self-sacrifice (Tyaga)
(A) 1 & 3
(B) 1, 2, 3 & 5
(C) 1, 2, 4 & 5
(D) 2, 3 & 5
Ans. (A)

15. Ambika is mentioned as the sister of Rudra in—
(A) Vajasaneyi samhita
(B) Satapatha Brabmana
(C) Taittiriya Aranyaka
(D) Shiva purana
Ans. (A)

16. Chandragupta figures prominently in a work of—
(A) Bhasa
(B) Visakhadatta
(C) Ashwaghosh
(D) Bhavbhuti
Ans. (B)

17. The term Chitrapata used in some historical sources denotes—
(A) Painted pots
(B) Textiles from Kamarup
(C) Canvas for paintings
(D) Wall paintings
Ans. (B)

18. That ginger and cinnamon were produced in large quantities in the Pandya country is mentioned by—
(A) Magasathenese
(B) Ptolemy
(C) Ibn said
(D) Marco Polo
Ans. (D)

19. Pratishthana or Paithan an important trading centre was on the river—
(A) Kaveri
(B) Krishana
(C) Godavari
(D) Narmada
Ans. (C)

20. The valangai (right hand) and Idangai (left hand) division of South Indian society is first noticed in the—
(A) Sangam period
(B) Pahallava period
(C) Chola period
(D) Nayaka period
Ans. (B)

21. Which one of the following pairs does not match?
(A) Rajasekhara: Kavyamimamsa
(B) Uddyotana:  Kuva1amala
(C) Ballalasena:  Dayabhaga
(D) Laxmidhara:  Krityakalptaru
Ans. (C)

22. The Gurjara king and others are said to have worked as doorkeepers in the Hiranyagarbha sacrifice performed by—
(A) Dharmapala
(B) Devapala
(C) Dantidurga
(D) Amoghavarsha
Ans. (C)

23. Dhavanyalokais—
(A) An epic poem
(B) A work on poetics
(C) A play
(D) A work on Buddhist epistemology
Ans. (B)

24. Who was the ruler who was elected to the throne according to the Rajatarangini?
(A) Gopala
(B) Yasaskara
(C) Nandiverman
(D) Karikalan
Ans. (B)

25. Match the following List I with List II and select the correct answer—
List I                         List II
(a) Chaitanya                   1. Kerala
(b) Shankara                    2. Bengal
(c) Jnanadeva                  3. Tamil Nadu
(d) Thyagaraja                4. Maharashtra
5. Orissa
(a)  (b)   (c)  (d)
(A)  4     1     2     3
(B)  3     2     4     1
(C)  2     3     1     4
(D)  2     1     4     3
Ans. (D)

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