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Free Online History Solved Test Paper

Free Online History Solved Test Paper
History Practice Paper
1. Ashoka the Great conquered Kalinga in the year:
(a) 261 B.C.
(b) 56 B.C.
(C) 261 A.D.
(d) 78.A.D.

2. The first Muslim ruler in India was:
(a) Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq
(b) Mahmud of Ghazni
(c) Qutbuddin Aibak
(d) Muhammad Ghori
Answer. (d)

3. Kautilya was the Prime Minister of which of the following Indian rulers?
(a) Chandragupta Maurya
(b) Chandragupta I
(c) Ashoka
(d) Harshavardhana

4. Which of the statements is false?
(a) Diwan-i-Khairat -created by Firoz Shah Tughlaq
(b) Diwan-i-Mustakhraj -created by lltutmish
(c) Diwan-i-Ariz -created by Balban
(d) Diwan-i-Kohi -created by Muhammad -bin-Tughlaq
Answer. (b)

5. Before ascending the Maurya throne, Ashoka served as a Viceroy of:
(a) Pataliputra
(b) Taxila
(c) Tosali
(d) Kaushambi

6. The historical source attributed to Megasthenese is:
(a) lndica
(b) Naturalis Historia
(c) Geography
(d) The Periplus of the Erythrean Sea

7. Consider the following statements:
1. Amir Khusrau was a contemporary of Ala-ud-din Khilji.
2. Amir Khusrau invented the musical instrument sitar
3. Dara Shikoh translated the Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita into Persian.
Which of these statements are correct?
(a) 1 and 2
(b) 2 and 3
(c) 1 and 3
(d) 1, 2 and 3
Answer. (d)

8. What does the word ‘Ashoka’ literally mean?
(a) One with pleasing appearance
(b) beloved of gods
(c) Slayer of foes
(d) Bereft of sadness

9. The oldest surviving Indian written record of historical significance belongs to the time of:
(a) Chandragupta Maurya
(b) Ashoka
(c) Kanishka
(d) Kalhana

10. Who laid the foundation of the first independent Turkish kingdom in India?
(a) Mohammad Qasim
(b) Qutubuddin Aibak
(c) Ghiasuddin Balban
(d) Mohammad-bin Tughlaq
Answer. (b)

11. The title ‘Devanam Priya’ was given to:
(a) Harsha
(b) Kanishka
(c) Ashoka
(d) Chandragupta Vikramaditya

12. Who among the following was not a slave before he became a king?
(a) Ala-ud-din Khalji
(b) Balban
(c) Qutub-ud-din Aibak
(d) Iltutmish
Answer. (a)

13. Ashoka's claim of greatness cheifly lay in the:
(a) Promotion of welfare of his people
(b) Extensive conquests
(c) Strengthening of army
(d) Exclusive patronage ot Buddhism

14. Sarnath’s Lion Capital is attributed to:
(a) Kanishka
(b) Harshavardhana
(c) Ashoka
(d) Chandragupta

15. The first Muslim conquest of the Hindu Kingdoms of Deccan was effected by the forces of:
(a) Muhammad Ghori
(b) Alauddin Khilji
(c) Qutbuddin Aibak
(d) Mahmud of Ghazni
Answer. (b)

16. The inscription which proves Ashoka's sway Over western India is:
(a) Kalinga Rock Edict
(b) Girnar Rock Edict of Ashoka,
(c) Junagarth Rock Edict of Rudradaman
(d) Shahabazgadhia-Rock Edict of Ashoka

17. Which of the following statements is/are true about King Ashoka of the Mauryan period?
A. Before he ascended the throne , Ashoka Was victory of Gwalior and Vidisha
B. He was also known as “Devanampiya”-beloved of the gods-and “ Piyadassi"- of pleasing
C. After his remorse at the ,conquest of Kalinga, he restored it to its original rulers
D. The administrative reforms of Ashoka led to the decentralisation of power
(a) A and B
(b) Only B
(c) C and D
(d) Only D

18. Alauddin Khalji captured the Delhi throne after securing fabulous wealth from
(a) Chanderi
(b) Gujarat
(c) Devagiri
(d) Madurai
Answer. (c)

19. The term ‘Dhamma’ is:
(a) A Prakrit word
(b) A Sanskrit word
(c) A Pali word
d) none of these

20. In Ashoka’s administration, Rajukas looked After:
(a) Religious matters
(b) Collection of taxes
(c) Municipal administration
(d) Administration of justice

21. Which of the following generals of Alauddin Khalji conquered Deccan a number of times ?
(a) Ulugh Khan
(b) Nusrat Khan
(c) Malik Kafur
(d) None of these
Answer. (c)

22. The first scholar, who read Ashokan edicts, was:
(a) Stuart Pigott
(b) S.N. Rao
(c) Adam Smith
(d) James Princep

23. Which of the following pairs are correctly matched?
1. Lothal - Ancient dockyard
2. Sarnath-First Sermon of Buddha
3. Rajgir - Lion capital of Ashoka
4. Nalanda - Great seat of Buddhist learning
Select the correct answer using the codes given below:
(a) 1, 2, 3 and 4
(b) 3 and 4
(c) 1, 2 and 4
(d) 1 and 2

24. The Sultan of Delhi who is reputed to have built the biggest network of canals
in india was:
(a) Iltutmish
(b) Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq
(c) Feroze Shah Tughlaq
(d) Sikandar Lodi
Answer. (c)

25. Which of the following is an example of Mauryan' art?
(a) Image of Nara-Narayana in the temple at Deogarh
(b) Terracotta figures found at Ter
(c) The panel showing Mahakapi Jataka at Bharhut
(d) Bull capitaI,Rampurva

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