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Free Online Law Sample Paper

Free Online Law Sample Paper
Law Test Paper
1. In which one of the following sections of Cr. P.C. provision for free legal aid is made?
(A) Section-301
(B) Section-306
(C) Section-304
(D) Section-309

2. The provisions proving previous conviction is envisaged in which of the following sections of Cr. P.C.?
(A) Section-296
(B) Section-297
(C) Section-298
(D) Section-299

3. The Court may alter the charge—
(A) Before the evidence of the prosecution is taken
(B) Before the accused enters upon his defence
(C) When the evidence of prosecution and defence both is taken
(D) Before the judgment is pronounced

4. A minor child claims maintenance under section 125 Cr. P.C., 1973 from his father in U.S.A. The Court directed the Magistrate to issue warrant for recovery of amount of maintenance to concerned parents in U.S.A. through Indian Ambassador in U.S.A. It was also held by the Court that if father fails to send the amount of maintenance, then the Magistrate will proceed affording to law. This was held in—
(A) Piyal vs. Pradep Kumar Kamboj, 2000
(B) Sargam Bonia Sreenu vs. Kamal, 2000
(C)Din Dayal Vs. Arun Kumar, 2000
(D)Ashok Kumar vs. Kirpal Singh, 2000

5. Match List-I with List-II and give correct answer out of the codes.
(a) S. 290 of Cr. P.C.
(b) S.29l
(c) S. 292
(d) S. 293
1. Report of Government Scientific Expert
2. Evidence of Officers of Mint
3. Deposition of Medical Witness
4. Execution of Foreign Commission
(a) (b) (c) (d)
(A) 1 2 3 1
(B) 4 3 1 2
(C) 4 3 2 1
(D) 4 2 3 1

6. In which of the following cases, section-144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure has been held constitutionally valid by the Supreme Court?
(A) Madhu Limaye Vs. S.D.M. Mangare
(B) Nanak Chand Vs. Chandra Kishore
(C) Superintendent of Central Prision Ram Manohar Lohiya
(D) Mithilesh Kumar Vs. Bindh Wasni

7. The case of Deena vs. Union of India relates
(A) Capital punishment
(B) Hanging as mode of execution
(C) Long delay in execution of death sentence
(D) Hand cuffing

8. According to section 468 Cr. P.C. no court shall take cognizance of an offence punishable with imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year—
(A) After the expiry of one year
(B) After the expiry of six months
(C) After the expiry of three months
(D) After the expiry of two years

9. First Information Report under section- 154 Cr. P.C. relates to—
(A) Non-cognizable offence
(B) Only a cognizable offence
(C) Cognizable or non-cognizable offence
(D)None of the above

10. What is recognition Muta Marriage among Sunni Muslims?
(A) Valid
(B) Void
(C) Invalid
(D) Voidable

11. What minimum amounts is fixed for dower amongst Sunni Muslims?
(A) 10, Dirhms
(B) 2, Dirhms
(C) 100, Dirhms
(D) 5, Dirhms

12. Dower is—
(A) Essential incidence of marriage
(B) Consideration to the marriage
(C) Mark of respect to the wife
(D) All of the above

13. The Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939 gives a right of judicial divorce, on any of the grounds mentioned in it, to—
(A) Both husband and wife
(B) Husband only
(C) Wife only
(D) None of the above

14. Which of the following is not personal matter within the meaning of section-2 of Shariat Act, 1937?
(A) Wakf
(B) Guardianship
(C) Pre-emption
(D) Maintenance

15. On the ground of Fosterage a Muslim Marriage is—
(A) Voidable
(B) Void
(C) Nullity
(D) None of the above

16. Which statement regarding gift under Muslim law is correct one?
(A) Gift can be made orally
(B) Gift can only be made in writing
(C) Gift can be made orally and in writing in both ways
(D) None is correct

17. A creates a waqf of Rs. 40,000 for 25 years in Muslim law. The wakf is—
(A) Invalid
(B) Void
(C) Valid
(D) Voidable

18. A son in Muslim Law is entitled to—
(A) 1/2 of the properly
(B) 3/4 of the property
(C) All the property
(D) Is a residuary heir

19. Which one of the following is not a primary source of Muslim Law?
(A) The Quran
(B) Shariat
(C) Hadis
(D) Ijma

20. Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939 is based on the principles of which Muslim schools?
(A) Hanafi School
(B) Shafi School
(C) Maliki School
(D) Zaidi School

21. One of the following, has no right of preemption in Muslim law—
(A) Shafi-i-Khalit
(B) Shafi-i-Sharik
(C) Shafi-i-jar
(D) Shafi-i-Meherban

22. A Muslim makes a death-bed-gift of his half property to his son. What will be the effect of this gift?
(A) Valid
(B) Invalid
(C) Void
(D) None of the above

23. Who said, ‘Divorce good in Law though bad in Theology’?
(A) Justice Mittar
(B)Justice Bacholar
(C)Justice Baharul Islam
(D)Justice Amir Ali

24. ‘Quran provides a best procedure for divorce.’ Who made this statement?
(A) Justice Krishna Iyer
(B) Justice Ahmadi
(C) Justice Kuldeep Singh
(D) Justice Sagheer Ahmad

25. A groom of 25 years of age marries to bride of 15 years of age. Under Hindu Law this marriage is—
(A) Void
(B) Voidable
(C) Valid but punishable
(D) Illegal

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