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English Objective Question Paper

English Objective Question Paper

Model Practice Paper English

Directions: In each of the following questions, out of the given alternatives, choose the

one which can replace the word printed in bold in the sentence without changing the

meaning of the sentence.

1. She is really a fantastic girl.

(a) Wonderful

(b) Charming

(c) Beautiful

(d) Intelligent


2. The old man was fond of giving homilies whenever we went to him with a problem.

(a) Alternatives

(b) Advice

(c) Suggestions

(d) Sermon


3. The soldier displayed exceptional courage and saved the Major from the enemy’s hand.

(a) New

(b) Strange

(c) Abnormal

(d) Unusual

(e) Avoidable


4. If you want the quality of your writings, to improve then avoid redundant words

(a) Unwilling

(b) Mistaken

(c) Wrong

(d) Repetitive


5. In order to tarnish the public image of his opponent, he has got a mendacious story

planted in the local newspaper.

(a) False

(b) Fabricated

(c) Imaginary

(d) Horrible


6. A civilized Roman banquet was a thing of great richness, style and decorum.

(a) Palace

(b) Feast

(c) Ornament

(d) Table


7. He listened to her mellifluous music under the genial influence of wine.

(a) Heavy

(b) Stressing

(c) Drowsy

(d) Sympathetic


8. The fishing boat pulled away from the wharf and chugged smoothly down the bay.

(a) Harbor

(b) Shore

(c) Quay

(d) Anchor


9. The aberration in the Indian economy can be attributed to short-sightedness

of its political masters

(a) Deviation

(b) Steadfastness

(c) Privilege

(d) Procrastination


10. India has too often to fulminate against Pakistanis role in aiding and abetting

acts of militancy on her soil.

(a) Think

(b) Consider

(c) Conspire

(d) Protest


11. The accident occurred due to his lapse.

(a) Haste

(b) Error

(c) Ignorance

(d) Carelessness


12. It was incumbent on him to report the matter at once.

(a) Pointless

(b) Depending

(c) Pressing

(d) Optional


13. Only my neighbor succoured me during my illness.

(a) Nourished

(b) Treated

(c) Aided

(d) Attended


14. As they whispered, I felt awkward in their company.

(a) Inconvenient

(b) Clumsy

(c) Ashamed

(d) Embarrassed


15. He tried to cajole her, but it was in vain.

(a) Enjoin

(b) Coax

(c) Rejoice

(d) Inspire


16. He was annoyed at his flippant remark.

(a) Discourteous

(b) Hitter

(c) Humorous

(d) Casual


17. The magazine was embellished with amusing articles.

(a) Filled

(b) Replete

(c) Adorned

(d) Sprinkled


18. Summit neglected to remit the fees in time and therefore had to pay a fine.

(a) Exempted

(b) Refused

(c) Failed

(d) Promised

(e) Obstructed


19. ‘To be or not to be’ was the dilemma of Hamlet.

(a) Question

(b) Obsession

(c) Problem

(d) Helplessness

(e) Confusion


20. War always has a baneful effect on the people of a nation.

(a) Unpleasant

(b) Foul

(c) Pernicious

(d) Harmful


21. His endeavors proved fruitful.

(a) Justified

(b) Futile

(c) Efficient

(d) Productive


22. The boy was chided for his impertinence.

(a) Praised

(b) Beaten

(c) Applauded

(d) Rebuked


23. The problem is tedious to tackle.

(a) Easy

(b) Difficult

(c) Tiring

(d) Troublesome


24. The time is spent in the library was the most rewarding one.

(a) Precious

(b) Serviceable

(c) Profitable

(d) Paying


25. The kingdom suffered a constant threat from certain predatory tribes.

(a) Wild

(b) Violent

(c) Rebellious

(d) Plundering

ANSWER :( d)

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