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MCQ Geology Practice Solved Paper

MCQ Geology Practice Solved Paper
Sample Paper Geology
Q. 1: Barren island volcano is characterized by:
(a) Submarine volcanism
(b) Resurgent volcanism
(c) Continentals volcanism
(d) None of these.
Answer (B)

Q. 2 : The present phase of the Barren lava (errupted in 1991) is :
(a) Olivine basalt
(b) Alumina olivine basalt
(c) Olivine - bearing basaltic andsite.
(d) None of these.
Answer (C)

Q. 3 : Which of following feature does not belong to positive relief features :
(a) Lava cone
(b) Hornitos
(c) Lava-tunnel
(d) Self volcano.
Answer ( C )

Q. 4 : The calcareous deposits formed from hot springs are called as :
(a) Agglomerates
(b) Cinders ' ‘
(c) Ash N
(d) Tufa. .
Answer ( D)

Q. 5 : The geosynclines in which the pile of sediments are found with an abundance of
volcanic rocks is known as
(a) Orthogeosyncline
(b) Eugeosyncline
(c) Miogeosyncline
(d) Para geosynclines
Answer ( B )

Q. 6 : The geosynclines are associated with the :
(a) Episrogeny
(b) Grogeny
(c) Both a and b.
(d) None of these
Answer ( B)

Q. 7 : Craton term is applied for:
(a) Unstable interior of the continent.
(b) Stable interior of the continent
(c) Continent made up of gneiss of schist rocks.
(d) None of these.
Answer ( B)

Q. 8: On a stratigraphic cross section a line drawn through all points where sediment depo-
sition was occurring simultaneously is known as :
(a)` lsograd
(b) Isogram
(c) lsochrone
(d) lsobath.
Answer (C)

Q. 9 The smallest unit of an elevated land-mass described commonly as a :
(a) Hill
(b) Hillock
(c) Mountain
(d) Range
Answer ( B)

Q. 10 : The ‘Aravalli’ should be described as :
(a) Hill
(b) Mountain
(c) Range
(d) System.
Answer (C)

Q. 11: The block mountains and rift-valleys occur together and formed due to operation of :
la) Compression force
fb) Tensile force
(c) Frictional force
(d) None of these.
Answer ( B )

Q. 12 : The crystallmovements like folding, faulting etc. take place during which stage of
the development ota complex mountain :
(a) initial stage
(b) Youth stage
(c) Mature slage
(d) All the above.
Answer ( B )

Q. 13 : Hawaii island are :
(a) Coral islands
(b) Flacial islands
(c) Continentals islands
(d) Volcanic islands having risen from ocean floor.
Answer ( D)

Q. 14: According to Wagener the Himalayas and Alpin mountain belts were formed due
(a) Polar movement of India and Africa.
(b) Equatorial movement of lndia and Africa.
(c) Equatorial movement of India and China.
(d) None of these.
Answer ( B )

Q. 15: In ‘Contraction hypothesis’ which fact has not been taken into account :
(a) Frictional heat.
(b) Magnetic heat.
(c) Radioactive disintegration heat.
(d) Geothermal gradient.
Answer (C )

Q. 16 : The dome mountains are generally associated with :
(a) Laccolith.
(b) Phacolith.
(c) Lopolith.
(d) Batholith.
Answer (a)

Q. 17:Which mountain range is sifqated between the Narbada and the Tapti rivers :
(a) Aravalli.
(b) Vindhyan.
(c) Satpura.
(d) Kaimur range.
Answer (C)

Q. 18 :Which mountain separates the southern India from Northern India :
(a) Satpura.
(b) Vindhayan.
(c) Aravalli.
(d) None of these.
Answer (B)

Q. 19: The convection currents flow from the :
(a) Poles to Equator.
(b) Equator to poles. '
(c) South pole to North pole.
(d) North pole to Equator.
Answer (B)

Q. 20: The I-limalalyan rage is .... in length and .... in width :
(5) 2500 km/250400 km.
(0) 2500 km/100 km.
(c) 2000 km/400~500 km.
(d) 1500 km/1000 km.
Answer (a)

Q. 21 : Geophysical datas prov‘es that the ratio between height above the surface and root be-
low the surface of the Himalaya mountain is about :
(a) 1:3.
(0) 1;5.
(c) 1:6
(d) 1:10.
Answer (D)

Q. 22: The Pratt’s theory states that the :
(a) Higher blocks have a lower density than the lower blocks.
(b) Higher blocks have a high density than the lower blocks.
(c) Lower blocks have low density than the higher blocks.
(d) None of these.
Answer (a)

Q. 23: ‘Isostasy’ term was first used by :
(a) Dulton.
(b) Wagner.
(c) Airy.
(d) Pratt.
Answer (a)

Q. 24: Dutton suggested that the elevated masses are characterised by low density and
the depressed basins are characterised by high density, which are responsible for
‘lsostasy‘, because of :
(a) Low density masses give low ‘value of gravity and high density masses give high value of gravity.
(b) Low density masses give high value of gravity and high density masses give low value of gravity.
(c) Low density masses and hi h density masses are not responsible ~for low and high values of
(d)None of these.
Answer (a)

Q. 25: If a portion is cut from any block assumed in Airy’s theory and Pratt’s theory re-garding lsostary and placed on the other then :
(a) Equilibrium will not be disturbed.
(b) Equilibrium will be distributed.
(c) Equilibrium disturbance depends upon the material used in blocks.
(d) All the above are not correct.
Answer ( B )

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